Every single creation is a refined thought evolved
through the millenia, an highly valuable creative effort.

Ichendorf, the company history began back in the early years of the twentieth century in a small town near Cologne, named Quadrath-Ichendorf.

There, many master-glaziers used a mix of substance, among which was silica, to give shape to objects which met the refined taste of that period.
Precious ornaments had the leading role in various tasteful collection up until 1950.
In those year, a very important change in taste was established: to favor clean shape and purity of material in order to gain a kind of transparency which has no imperfection.

Old form and adornment were abolished, in an endless search for new, popular and no longer exclusive appearances: the creation of modern designed objects began.

In 1990 Ichendorf Style Center moved and settled in Milan, creative point of convergence where artists and designer can guide the gesture of master-glaziers to the creation of light, swift forms, brought to life from a mark on a piece of paper, a creative idea, down to the manipulation of substances by the masters’ blow.
The great idea at the root of the productive philosophy of Ichendorf is the encounter of tradition and innovation, of ancient thecniques and modern lines.


Wonderful “jacketed” stem glasses, created by overlapping two layers of plate glass. The cuts on the external coloured layer bring to light the transparency of the internal one, in a play of lights and glares. Two are the creators of this masterpiece of precision: the glass-master and the glass-cutter. Great school, great tradition.


In 1959 the trend in tableware and homewares is “richness”: numerous cuts, gold or platinum, engravings. Only a few pioneers dare to imagine a world made of shapes rather than decorations. Minimal art was not born yet, but at Ichendorf, some enlightened minds, saw beauty in perfect proportions.


We introduce geometrical shapes. It takes an excellent raw material and a great technology to have such perfect stem glasses, with non-spherical shapes and no imperfection. New moulds allow to blow different pure geometrical shapes. Ichendorf chases strenuously perfection of transparency.


In the 80’s, though still featuring geometrical form, shapes begin to soften, thickness grows, underlining purity of materials and pleasant lines. Life flows smoothly, everything is easier. Ichendorf has won many challenges and we can focus on the beauty of light, pleasant, roundish design.


The peculiarity of this collection is the very thin depth of glass, uniform both on the edge and on the bottom. The highest ideal is lightness, a challenge that only a few glass-masters accept. Few grams of substance blown like soap bubbles, with great attention to not breaking them. A new approach to beauty, where lightness is a virtue.


A stemmed glass with a very low stem and a thick foot which gives stability. Informal elegance for the pleasure of holding a stemmed glass without the fear of an unsteady stem. The bowl of the glass is very close to the foot, in a great balance between shape and . A pleasant glass to use and to show in any context.


The Deco collection, by Forti and Di Loreto, is the first one made of borosilicate glass produced with light glass-blowing craft technique. A very light but solid material, acid resistant, thermal shock and scratch resistant. Ichendorf introduces “handcrafted products”: each glass is unique.


A long stem and a bowl for the very first time with a slanting cut.

The bowl of this glass gives emphasis to the scents of the drink. Every detail is conceived to leave the world outside during the tasting experience.


Thanks to the new material and technique, Ichendorf chases magic. The liquid appears to be suspended in the air. Corrado Dotti imagines this effect and studies how to create it, in a productive dialogue with the manufacture. They also find an anti-drop solution. Magic, competence and functionality.


With borosilicate glass it is possible to create new effects. In Scarfati and Mastropaolo’s design the iconic shape of a chandelier is inserted in the neck of a bottle, in order to create different hanging chandeliers and flower vases. Two walls of hand-blown glass enclose a set of internal shapes which combine in a complex way, while retaining clear lines.


A new usage of the two glass-wall concept. The center is an hanging light-giving globe. A shining  sphere suspended in the air.. Magical effects. The light source is protected by a second shell, we can get closer. This may be the true charm of the Happy Pill lamp designed by Corrado Dotti. Magic close at hand.


In 2014 for the first time Ichendorf introduces coloured borosilicate glass. The projects by Mist-O can be realized with great mastery. Layers of glass of different colours melt giving life to a unique piece, while remaining separate, faithful to the precise geometries of the design.


Ichendorf introduces the world of fragrances. Sottovoce realizes an object with sinuous and elegant lines. A glass bell, a precious object to shield precious frangrances. Only when it is wanted, we can lift the bell cover and release the scent, filling the atmosphere with sensations. Freedom to choose the moment, the fragrance, the emotion.



A new world comes into being, a fantastic world that seems to originate from dreams and fairy tales. The natural elements of the forest decorate this handmade collection in clear and coloured glass. Alessandra Baldereschi’s imagination gives life to an imaginary landscape to set a magical table, extraordinary.

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